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I'd definitely agree with the comments encouraging you to expand out the story a little more if you get the chance. The game and the summary just didn't seem to mesh, maybe because we don't get to see Iphigenia's difficulty in fitting in. I've really enjoyed what you have so far though, so I hope I can get an update if you do make more, or see other work from you in the future!

Thank you for the feedback! That's definitely something I wanted to explore more and I wish I had had a little more time to get to it! I'm so glad to hear that you enjoyed it though and I hope you feel the same about my future work ^^ <3

Wow, this story definitely caught me by surprise!  The art is wonderful, both characters and backgrounds. I really dug the '80s fashions, too!  And the music sets the mood wonderfully throughout

I did find it difficult to understand the player character's motivations at times; sometimes the way she expressed herself felt a bit too casual for the situations she was in.

Good luck as you keep working on it!  I'm looking forward to playing more of your games!

Thank you so much!! I really appreciate the compliments and feedback!
That's very fair, I think the script could probably use some more work for sure, I hope to fix it up a little when I expand on it and make the characters feel a little more believable! I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed it otherwise ^^!

Oh cool, I'm glad the comment was helpful!  I didn't want to be too negative about a WIP game, but I also hoped the feedback might be helpful  ^_^


I'm always happy to have feedback! It's often hard to see where the flaws are in your own work (especially when you've stared at it for so long rip) so I appreciate the extra insight a lot^^

That was a nice little story, though it felt more like a concept for a larger one and I think that's your intent judging by what you wrote above. It took a little bit for me to understand how the protagonist's power work but it makes sense after you get it, and the characters were nice and it felt like you were trying to get across the positive reinforcement from one character to the other if you understand what I'm trying to say. 

The art was nice and the music was very moody and a good choice, my only issue is it felt like some of the choices were superfluous to the flow of the story, I understand the multiple endings but it didn't feel like there was much point doing anything outside the obvious? And also it could have used some editing, I noticed some really redundant word use and a spelling error.

Still, I enjoyed it. Looking forward to seeing you expand on this in future, if you do.


Thank you so much for the feedback! You're right that the story feels a little more like a concept, it definitely is, the original was much longer and more detailed but due to time/scope constraints it had to get cut down considerably. I hope one day to expand it into what it was meant to be but we'll have to see if I can ever get the time! 

Fair point about the choices lol, my main worry, and the reason I added some that may seem superfluous is again due to time/scope constraints, and the fact that I was worried there just wasn't enough interaction for the player. 

Thank you so much again and I'm glad you enjoyed playing it!

A wonderful game with a gripping story, great characters, awesome art, and amazing music!